Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fun Formative Assessment Tools: Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live is the new game feature from the longtime flash card site Quizlet. Any set of flash cards with at least twelve terms can be turned into a Quizlet Live game. The goal of the game is for teams to match twelve terms to their definitions in a row. Teams are assigned randomly and if a team incorrectly matches one of the items then their score resets to zero.

What can a teacher learn from a Quizlet Live game? The first information a teacher gets is being able to hear the conversation that students have with each other. This informal method of assessment can help the teacher identify misconceptions students may still have about a topic. The second information that a teacher receives is after a game Quizlet identifies which terms and definitions the class did well on and which were still an issue. Therefore, Quizlet Live primarily gives the teacher whole class data on a given topic.

On a practical note, I usually use Quizlet Live when I want students to get up and move. I have also tried a version where students are formed into teams but they are not allowed to move near the other members on their team. The students found this slightly frustrating because they realized that they had to truly rely on the knowledge of their teammates. Too often a quick and knowledgable student is able to direct the other members on their team to the correct answer.

To sum up, Quizlet Live is a helpful and fun way for students to practice the information they are learning in class. It gets students up and out of their seats while interacting with other students. On the down side, the teacher only gets whole class feedback and one smart student can take over a team.


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