Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fun Formative Assessment Tools: Kahoot

By now most teachers have heard of Kahoot and have played at least one Kahoot with their class. Students and teachers enjoy the fast-paced and energetic nature of the game. But Kahoot also has two features that are often overlooked by teachers and therefore are underutilized as formative assessment tools. These two features are downloading the results of a quiz and ghost mode.

After the class plays a Kahoot together the teacher can download a spreadsheet of each student's responses to the questions. This speadsheet lets the teacher know how well each student performed on the task. This data can be used in flexible grouping during the week. A great tool for creating flexible groups from assessment data is the one created by Jen Roberts.

Students are also able to replay a quiz in Ghost mode which allows the class to compete against their previous score. When students respond they will see ghost characters of their previous responses occur in real time along with their current responses. The goal is for the class to out perform their previous score. I find that Ghost mode works best when following up a Kahoot that is used as a pretest. If used in this way, students can really see how much they have improved.

Finally, Kahoot has added a new type of question called Jumble. This type of question requires students to put information in order instead of responding with one correct answer. You can read the blogpost from Kahoot here.


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