Friday, August 5, 2016

Create an Infographic Instead of a Traditional Syllabus

I sat down at my desk and began looking over my syllabus for my seventh grade English class. I realized that there was way too much text which most parents did not read, and the important stuff I wanted them to know was hidden in that sea of text. I decided that this year I would simplify my syllabus by creating an infographic of the essential points I want to communicate to parents. I then opened up Piktochart, my favorite infographic creation tool, and looked for a template that would fit my information. I did not find a free template that fit my needs, but I did find an infographic in the "Featured Galleries" that I felt I could recreate.

I decided to use Google Draw as my infographic tool. I have struggled before with creating an infographic from scratch, but I knew I could follow a model. A large part of creating an infographic is blocking out spaces using shapes and color. One I blocked out my sections, I added text and images to create this:

At the bottom of the syllabus I plan to include a short url to the traditional syllabus that I usually print out for parents. I am hoping that since my new syllabus is only one page and visually engaging more parents and students will take the time to read it. Below I have included the template I created so that you can use or modify it for your own class.


  1. Great idea Jonathan! This can help parents navigate to resources in the various classes their children have. Cool!

  2. Nice work Jonathan. I love this. I stumbled upon from someone else sharing it out. I really like letting both teachers and students start with templates as a way to get them familiar with programs. nice work

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  4. Great idea! I also suggest trying out this tool - timeline website - for creating an infographic, especially with a timeline.
    Hope you will like it as well!

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