Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Audioboo: Record and Share Audio

This week i want to introduce you to an app i have started using called Audioboo. The company tagline is that it is the simplest way to share audio. Audioboo works with Android, Nokia, and Apple devices. If you don't have a smart phone, you can also record directly in your web browser. I have been using the iPad app, but the process works the same with another smartphones or the Audioboo website. Simply open the app, click on the record button, and begin talking into the microphone. When you're done with your recording, press stop, and then click the upload button. You can then go to the Audioboo website to view the audio clip that you created. You can share the audio file via Twitter, email, or there's also an embed button so that you can embed the clip into other websites. Right now, I am using the app to create audio agendas of what we do in class each day. This helps students who are absent and need to make up the work they missed that day. The agenda takes no more than two minutes to record. I'm also thinking of using Audioboo to create book talks with students. Students will describe and evaluate books they have read, and other students will be able to listen to their opinions. I'm sure that there are many other ways to use Audioboo. But these are the two ways that I'm using it currently. Below I have embedded an Audioboo of this TechTip.

You can also view my class website to see how the Audioboo player looks when embedded on a webpage.


Techtip Audioboo (mp3)

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